About Andy – Owner of PVCS


About Andy
Owner of ProVac Chimney Sweeps

I have worked in the field of cleaning, maintenance and repair
of wood burning, home heating systems for over a decade.  In
the early 80’s while attending MSU I began working as a Chimney Sweep
with my brother in our business, Cinder Bros Chimney Sweeps. 
Eventually the business was sold and we went our separate ways, my
brother into photography and myself into foreign language
teaching.  Fast forward twenty years: I have finally and most
happily returned home to Montana.  Upon my return I began to
see that there was a greater demand for expert chimney cleaning
services than ever before as a result of the Gallatin Valley’s
explosive growth and the increased demand for alternative forms of home
heating.  After doing market research, it was very obvious
that many wood burners were quite unhappy with the low quality of
service they were getting and were ready to welcome new
technology.  I have decided to return to this noble trade and
am here to provide not only in-depth knowledge in this arena but expert
and genuine service as well!  I take pride in what I do and I
do it well.

Because safety and customer satisfaction are Pro-Vac Chimney
Sweep’s number one priorities, we are ready to do whatever it takes to
maintain the beauty and safety of our customers’ chimneys and wood
burning systems.

"Good work ethics and honesty, coupled with homeowner
education - especially in this case - can save you a lot of money and
heartache in the long run."

Pro-Vac Chimney Sweep’s ultimate goal is to be YOUR chimney
guardian for life. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will
remedy the problem and refund your payment in full. I give you my
personal guarantee. Your home is worth the best, so why settle for
anything less?

Signature of Andy Mudd, owner of Provac Chimney Sweeps

PS – Remember, a once a year cleaning may not be enough if you
heat your home with wood.


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