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Your best choice for complete chimney service!

 Provac is your one choice for all of your chimney and dryer vent service needs.  In addition to chimney and dryer vent cleaning and all levels of inspection, we offer a complete array of chimney products and services, including the following:

  • Chimney Cap
  • Chimney and Crown repair and preservation
  • Humane animal and bird removal
  • HD Video Inspection with GoPRo “coming soon”
  • Water Leak Repairs
  • Real Estate/Property "make ready" service
  • Guest Ranch & Lodge Service (multiple chimney discounts)
  • Draft Solutions
  • Leaking Flashing
  • Snow Deflectors
  • Leaking Smoke


Every chimney needs a cap. It is your chimney's protection against rain, snow, ice and animals. Water causes the greatest damage to the mortar, porous brick, liner and chimney crown. A Cap will also control any stray sparks that escape your chimney. Caps come in a few main sizes; 8" x 8", 8" x 12", and 12" x12". Caps can also be custom built to fit your chimney. Caps are available in different finishes including steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. They also come with a wire mesh screen for added protection. Caps are mounted to your chimney in different ways, the most common being screwed into place against the flue tile. If your chimney flue does not protrude far enough there are models that can be mounted to the inside of the chimney. There are also ways of mounting the Cap with fasteners, lag bolts or cement to the top of the chimney structure.



There are two main factors that influence your chimney’s performance, Draft and Capacity. Draft is the force behind the airflow and Capacity is the chimney’s ability to handle the flow. Some causes of poor chimney draft:

  • Chimney is too small, too big, or too short
  • Chimney is blocked
  • Chimney has leaks
  • Reverse chimney flow or negative pressure problems
  • Inadequate airflow
  • Air being pushed down the chimney (down-draft) Recommended solutions:
  • Schedule a Level II Inspection and a Draft Test to determine the problem
  • Have your Chimney swept
  • Have any leaks sealed
  • Extend your chimney
  • Install or replace a Chimney Cap
  • Install a new Chimney or a new updated woodburning sytem (Stove or fireplace insert with professional lining)


A common problem with older chimneys is water leaking around the chimney. In some cases this is due to aging mortar in the bricks. Other causes include improper installation of the flashing, settling of the house, or damage to the chimney that can affect the chimney’s flashing, allowing water in. Flashing is sheet metal installed between the roof and chimney, keeping it watertight. If there has been leaking around the chimney we recommended a roof inspection. We can repair any damage found before addressing the chimney flashing problem.


At higher elevations where the snow can pile up deep on a roof we can custom fabricate a pie shaped snow deflector so that when the snow slides it will not damage the chimney pipe.


A chimney leaking smoke is a fire hazard. One small piece of burning soot could exit through a crack and set your roof on fire or any surrounding flammable material. Small leaks may be repaired with cement/mortar, but if your chimney appears to be in poor condition, it may be best to have your chimney partially or completely rebuilt. Here at Pro-vac Chimney Sweep, we will be able to determine what your best options are. We recommend a Level II Inspection to determine the best options to restore your chimney.

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