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Our Products

We offer and use only the best in chimney and dryer vent products:


It is absolutely essential to have a thermometer attached to your wood burning system! Not having one is like driving your car without a speedometer. Without the stove top thermometer you will not know when your stove falls into the heavy creosote building zone. And by the same token you will not know how hot it is either. Do not operate your system without a thermometer.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps we sellWe offer standard painted (black) chimney caps , copper chimney caps or stainless Chimney Caps in the sizes mentioned below. All components of these quality Stainless Chimney Caps are made of 304-stainless steel with a sturdy 18-gauge base and 24-gauge lid. Tighten these chimney caps to the single flue with the included pointed, slotted, hex-head set-screws for a non-strip fastening. These Chimney Flue Caps come in many dimension and shapes, just a few of which are shown here.

Andek Rubberkote

Andek Rubberkote 1047 is a revolutionary Dupont Kevlar-reinforced waterproofing coating. Its formulation is designed for superior adhesion to any surface, especially masonry, and curing will proceed even under water! it remains flexible, tough and waterproof in the most extreme tempuratures, and comes with a five year warranty.

Polaseal Penatrant Hardner

Polaseal Advanced Sealant

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