Praise for Pro-Vac

filthy sweeper

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We don't just want to get your business - we want to keep your business!


"Andy did more work on our stove than anyone ever has! Then he cleaned our dryer vents and our jeans are finally drying once again. He got a whole brown grocery bag full of lint. We would recommend Andy to anyone."
-John Denton, Emigrant


"Andy did the best job on our stove that we’ve ever had done. It’s working smoother than ever! Looks like we got ourselves a new chimney sweep! What’s more he replaced a missing screw in our tin roof".
-Roy and Kathy Goss, Madison Valley

Image of the best chimney sweep in the gallatin valley

"Andy was very thorough with our two stoves. And since we had two he gave us a discount. He’s was real nice and we look forward to having him clean our chimneys next year."
-Chris K., Bozeman


"Andy came up and got 'er done fast…didn’t gouge us either! A real upstanding guy. We’ll see ‘im next year for sure."
-Hopkins "Hop", Bridger Canyon


"We moved to Paradise Valley 3 years ago. The first winter a chimney sweep came, cleaned our chimney and wood stove and left.  The second winter a different guy came, cleaned our stove and chimney and left.  The third winter Andy came and said, "This stove needs some repairs and I can make it more efficient."  Third times a charm!"
-Raymond B, Paradise Valley

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